Choosing a photographer

  • About Ivan.......who is he ?
    Ivan McLellan has been involved in the photographic scene for over 40 Years........

  • Hasselblad H Second hand, but good for years REDUCED PRICE

Interesting Links

  • Moose Peterson's Wildlife Research Photography
    Moose Peterson, Californias top endgangered species wildlife photographer provides photographers of all skill levels with numerous wildlife nature photography tips. Digital photography workshops are offered throughout the year around North America.
  • Simply Selling
    Simply Selling, Doug Box. We can help you take your business to the next level with photographic training, marketing consultant, motivational speaker consultant, storytelling weddings, photography education and photo business training
  • The Pinhole Photography Webring
    The Pinhole Photography Webring connects sites displaying pinhole cameras and photographs made with them.
  • The Universal Currency Converter ®
    The worlds favorite free Internet foreign exchange tool.
  • Wilhelm Imaging Research
    Wilhelm Imaging Research in Grinnell Iowa is an authority on archival and preservation for the photographic, digital, and printing industries.


Interesting Links

  • Computer Links that I use & Interesting Web Sites
  • Amateur Photography WebRing
    Fascinating photo sites by photographers of all levels and of all interests. A ring to bring all kinds of photographic galleries and information together, and to entertain and enlighten anyone that
  • Applied Science Fiction
    Kodak's Austin Development Center - Photoshop Plugins & More! : The Future Is Clear,
  • British Journal of Photography
    Photography magazine for professional photographers. Includes pics, reviews, weekly news, photo temp.htmls, competitions etc. Worlds oldest (est 1854) photography mag.
  • Escape Artist
    : Living Overseas - International Real Estate, Overseas Jobs - Expatriate Resources - Overseas Retirement
  • Just Say No
    PNN Business and The Law - Just Say No
  • Sony played this mind-blowing video at their
    executive conference this year


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