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Information on H3D-31

Hasselblad Kit

- Everything You Need to be a Hassy Shooter

This is the medium format sensor that allows for HUGE blow-up prints. And Hasselblad Zoom lenses are so sharp and so perfect that your giant prints show virtually no chromatic aberration (color fringing). Remember the green and magenta fringe you see on your smaller format DSLR images? It's not a problem on the Hasselblad.

No matter how great your camera system, your images don’t start in the back, they start in the front. A camera as fast and versatile as an H system model demands the very best from its lenses, and that's what we've produced. All HC and HCD lenses are engineered to ensure optimal performance and image quality, whether using film or digital.

Hasselblad has always striven to support the best and most creative photographers. And while digital photography has in some ways turned part of the photographic market into mere point-and-shoot, high-volume type of shooting, Hasselblad is always pushing the technical envelope to bring more creative possibilities and photographic flexibility to our photographers.

The lenses in our HC/HCD line equal or outperform even our traditional Hasselblad/Zeiss lenses, even the iconic CF 3.5/100 and CF 5.6/250 SA, considered by most experts to be the finest lenses ever made for professional photographers.

The HC 50-110mm zoom lens has a range from wide-angle to short telephoto. This lens boasts exceptionally high image quality at all focal length settings, whether shooting film or digital, and is comparable in image quality with corresponding fixed focal length lenses.


Medium Format: this large 31mp sensor has much larger pixels. The file is huge and the dynamic range allows for the detail and clarity that every photographer wants. Your whites and dark shadows are amazing.

This system was created for the image perfectionist. If you've been disappointed with a lack of crisp edges, milky contrast, blown-out highlights, wide-angle lens distortions - it's time to move to a medium-format high-end camera that makes perfect pictures.

It's time for you to put your vision together with the perfection of the Hasselblad system, and create amazing images.
You've compared prices elsewhere and you know you'll regret passing up a bargain like this.
When you display large prints of your work with this camera, people will say, "Wow, this is so clear - it's amazing."

When you show up to a job with your pro Canon or Nikon equipment, so often these days, your client exclaims, "Hey, I've got the 5D, too! How do you like it?"

Between the lines, they're almost saying, "I could do what you do," and they have the equipment to prove it. Every time you show up on location with your medium format Hasselblad equipment, the deference the client shows you is palpable. Fancy interior designers, art gallery owners, high net-worth clients - they all know and respect the Hasselblad name.

This camera comes complete as photographed along with a total of two batteries and a battery charger

Cheers to you and the fantastic images you're about to create

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Bring your exsisting camera and test it beside the Hasselblad and THEN you will understand WHY they have the name of the Best camera made!




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