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    In April 2002 I set off on a round the world trip that was going to take in USA, Mexico, Cuba, Russia, Europe, UK and ended up travelling to USA, Mexico, Cuba, Europe, Russia, Malta, Paris & UK.

All was fine until I reached UK and after staying in hotels, when I could find them, I realized I would be probably bankrupt because of the price of the hotels, and the investigation into B&B showed that they were not much better, if I carried on using this form of accommodation.

So I thro necessity bought a 1990 (13'6" inside) caravan and a Peugeot 405 at a auction for £325 the fully "Funny" story of my travels can be found at TRAVELS.

A good side effect of having a caravan was that buying your groceries and doing your own cooking reduced the cost of meals to a fraction of the pre caravan cost.

I found that given the right car and for me the 405 was not right, it was the ideal way of travelling thro the countryside without breaking the bank.

Towing was no problems with the 405 and what would be my choice, a 3 door Parajo I would not have even noticed I had anything on the back.

Backing it into the site was no problems once you learnt to just look at the wing mirrors and to turn the steering wheel the way you want the caravan to go it is very simple.

Fresh water & waste water, since my first foray into Caravanning they have made available double the size of fresh and waste water tanks so that solved my continual trips to the water tap, I saw several that had two of each, which, if it was perceived to become a problem, is a easy answer.

Previously I had a hang up about how long it took to set up & get on you way so this time I timed myself and found the extra work I had to do over what I would have to do with a M/H took less than 15 minutes which was acceptable to me once I found out how long it was.

The ability to have transport the moment you arrive at a campsite is wonderful. With a motor home you have to leave behind a sign to reserve your "spot" then carry everything with you while you go off into town or on a 50 mile circuit of the island or area that you want to explore. This is a major decision as far as I am concerned for my conversion to car and caravan.



OK you do not have the same opportunities to wild camp but with the money you save on the C&C instead of M/H you probably do not have to as you can afford the local campsite.

The other beauty is if you need repairs on the motor your living accommodation is not jacked up off it wheels and placed off limits.

Towing a car behind a motorhome is no longer a consideration for the writer as it means double of everything, registration, insurance, MOT, motor repairs, extra tyres, and so the list goes on and for what reason, to be able to wild camp, to be able to make a cup of tea while you are on the move.

A motor home is a waste of space, the 13'6" caravan I have, I would have to get a 22 foot C class motorhome (according to published literature) to have the same inside living space as I have in the caravan, OK with the M/H I do have a over cab bed but quite frankly I would rather make up a bed each night than clamber up a set of steps several times a night, at my age!

Another factor is that once a M/H is over 3500kg you need a heavyduty license in NZ where as I can drive the largest 4WD car, pull the longest caravan with my existing license.

In the UK to pull a caravan all you do is attach another number plate of you car to the caravan and you are legal, no separate registration!

And I can ship the caravan home if I wish, no vehicle emissions to worry about, no position of the steering wheel none of the problems the NZ government, in their wisdom have place in you way to bringing in a motor powered vehicle of some sort.

Your investment is considerably less, a M/H being about three times the price of the equivalent inside space of a caravan and being less you have less in $ or £'s in depreciation to worry about.

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