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My thought process in "Getting on the Road"!

2006 look at what I am doing this year Click


Up to 2/2/2000

I have been scouring the web both in UK and the States and have made up a page of links to make notes on what I find. In lot's of cases it has not been pretty.  

My main fault is that I expect a company that is selling a expensive product to be keen on selling it and I have often said it is very hard to buy anything. The more expensive the product is it seems the less keen the coy is on selling it.

I often think if this is what the sales dept is like what must the service dept be like!

With my list of most of which are at the moment not negotiable it sorts of rules out Caravans and European M/H's, but I am still looking at the English M/H's due to the fact they are "Right hand drives" and I could bring it home to NZ when I get tired of traveling.

It is for this reason I started visiting the English M/H websites. They range from terrible to wonderful. Some don't list prices one has POA on each item (Big Secret) , it is hard to match up what is on the inside with what the van look like... if they show you.. some have no pictures at all.  I have highlighted in RED the two sites that I obtained the most valuable information from at this time

I am afraid if some one won't list the price I think perhaps they set the price as to what you look like!  One that I emailed can't email me back the prices, cann't Fax me, so asked for my address and will post them.   Just as well I am not booking my flight this week to UK or the States....

So a good step is to see what is being used by "Those on the road" so I started looking at web sites of the fulltimers to check out what each had....some were very good...some hardly mentioned their rigs at all and others gave no mention of their thought process in selecting their "Rig".

On the right you will see all of the people I have been able to find and what I think (in some occasions) they have.   I will up date this if I find I have wrong information and if I find others.

As at Feb 2000 
53% had 5th Wheelers
35% had Motorhomes
12% had Caravans

OK the size of the survey was not large enough to be of much relevance but it was 100% of all the personal web site I could find to date.

(19th April 2000) Just discovered another problem the widest "Trailer" permitted on UK roads is 2.3 meters or 7.6 feet.....The exact words of the act....

Extract of a letter received from the Department of Transport,UK, October 1995.

All vehicles and trailers used on our roads (UK) must comply with the Road Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations 1986 (SI 1986/078): as amended and the Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989 (SI 1989/1796): also as amended.  These Regulations set the overall parameters and technical specifications such as width, length, weights, braking systems, lights etc, with which vehicles must comply if they are to be used on our roads.

The maximum dimensions allowable for the fifth wheel trailer when towed by a motor car or light van are 2.3 metres (7 feet 6 inches) in width and 7 metres (approximately 23 feet) in length.  However, if the towing vehicle is a motor vehicle with a gross weight exceeding 3,500 kgs, (Heavy Duty License required for this) the maximum permitted width becomes 2.5 metres (8 feet 2V2. inches) and 12 metres (approximately 39 feet 4 inches) in length providing the trailer has at least 4 wheels.

E. Temporarily Imported Vehicles

There are International agreements which provide for the temporary use of a vehicle in a foreign country for a limited time, usually 6 months in a 12 month period.  A visitor to the UK may use a vehicle displaying foreign plates, provided that all taxes (including vehicle excise duty) are paid in their country of origin.


Web sites of some of those on the road and their Rig's

5th Wheelers

Kay & Tom Seliskar 31ft 5th wheeler

Mick & Jenny Daly 5th Wheel -- Hitchhiker Discovery by NU-WA -- towed by a Dodge Ram

Ron & Linda Hill  plan on buying a 5th. wheel trailer and living fulltime on the road

Sam and Alice Penny, a couple who retired in 1998 to travel around the country living full-time in their RV, a 34 foot fifth-wheel trailer pulled by a three-quarter ton pickup

Bob and Laura Madigan 3/4 ton truck with the same engine that the 1 ton had pulling a 1995 Corsica 5th wheeler, is 31 feet long

John from Denver drives '86 Ford F-350,with a diesel engine, Towing a 1983 Holiday Rambler AMBASSADOR 32 foot 5th wheeler...some interesting info here ...some real good Tech advise on almost everything in a fifth wheel

Linda-Jeanne Dolby  30-ft Terry 5th wheel pulled by a pickup

Mark Nemeth 30' Jayco fifth wheel that he bought used in 1994....a good site for valuable information!


Dave and Helen Damouth  35' Real-Lite travel trailer, towed by a 1996 Dodge RAM 2500 diesel pickup truck

Donna and Ron Wanchek   use a 1997 Dodge Ram to pull a SunnyBrook? 30FKGT. Caravan??!!!

Vern & Phyllis Modeland 13 chapters of their travels


Dick and Phyllis Davis Allegro Motorhome, is 33 ft. long, a 12 ft. slideout on a Chevy chassis has a 454 cu. in. Vortec V-8 engine.

Tim & Elise Lentz   1996 Safari Trek (model 2430) Breakfast in America

Frieda & Norm Wyner  30+ foot motor home

Bill & Peggy CROCKETT  Coachman 31RD, 31 ft. Rear Diesel, a Cummins B5.9 190 HP diesel. They tow a car

Cruising America use a C Class "Four Winds Model 22RK" on a 1-ton Chevy chassis.

Chevy Diesel Web site

The Diesel Page is membership based web magazine about the General Motors light-truck diesel engines, which include the GM 6.2L/6.5L and the new Duramax 6600.The Diesel Page is membership based web magazine about the General Motors light-truck diesel engines, which include the GM 6.2L/6.5L and the new Duramax 6600.

Follow my thinking process.... Looking at a Trek