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Germany is reputed to be the cheapest place to buy a secondhand motor home. Here are a few links I have collected. Do remember the adverts will be in German, the salespeople MAY speak English but may not, you will have to register and insure it to get it on the road (Some coys will register & Insure it for you as one of their rental fleet, Make sure it is a major coy that will not rip you off) again in a country that does not have English as a national langauge.... funny about that! These links are in no order.


  • German 4WD
    motorhome suitable for silk road

  • Der Freistaat - Caravaning & More
     Sulzemoos near Munich, 18 different major brands of motorhomes and a very large accessories shop I had no problems speaking ENGLISH and buying there. They have the largest stock of secondhand motorhomes and caravans I have seen ANYWHERE
  • some speaks English there, vehicles can be registered in Germany AT A COST, they handle Hymer and are located between Hanover and Dortmund OK to deal with ONCE!
    We have 16 top manufacturers on site There are always about 800 vehicles to choose from ENGLISH SECTION
  • They speak English, are very helpful, located near Duisburg
  • They speak English, and have English on their web site, good prices locater in the north of Germany near Kiel
  • it’s a big trader and renter near Frankfurt. The site has a English option so I would assume they speak English
  • yes they speak English, have English on their web site, are located 60km north of Hamburg, sell secondhand motorhomes and have a lot of experience in export of M/H's
  • Caravan Center Berlin wrote to me in English but their web site is in German so you will need to use the google translation!
  • We are the second largest dealer in Germany and make many export to countries like Poland, Denmark, Norway or Sweden.
    Our partners are Hobby, Fendt, Dethleffs, Hymer, Pössl, Globecar, Concorde, Carthago, Sunlight and Carado. They tell me they speak English

Tours, for Motorhomes

  • Seabridge Tours wery many interesting tours to out of the way places, however nothing is mentioned on their web site, I managed to get their catalogue..... in German!
  • Perestroika Tours tours almost everywhere