Ready to depart for Soissons Motor Camp in France

My first thought was to travel to UK and buy a Car and Caravan and at least we would have transportation when we reached our temporary destination. While the advantages are obvious I remembered that the moment I arrived at the motor camp the was the leveling of the caravan, but that could be covered by the fitting of "Caralift" computerized leveling system.

Then there was the carrying of the water in by Motorhome standards very small quantities on a daily basis and of course the emptying of the gray water at the same time.

This was no BIG deal, but I was not traveling right around the world to do these things on a daily basis if I could help it.

Towing was no big problem and I was only in one situation where I had to uncouple to turn round. the caravan was very comfortable, but to use the facilities one did have to stop and get out of the car and walk to the caravan.  There was a little of wobble as large trucks passed us with the cushion of air they created, but that was handled OK.

There was no wild camping with ease and on the rare occasions that we were able to there was always the concern of being in a different vehicle that the one with the motor.

It was good having a car to travel in, at the destinations.

Yes....we tried a Motor Home!

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