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Education Centres


  • International Center for Photography (ICP) The International Center of Photography is a museum, a school and a center for photographers and photography in New York.
  • Rochester Institute of Technology The programs of the School of Photographic Arts and Sciences are designed to prepare students for a wide range of careers in photographic and other imaging fields.
  • Ohio University The program is designed to provide students with realistic and thorough broad-based professionally oriented training in visual communication, while providing the necessary liberal arts and cultural background for a strong educational foundation.  Intensive training is offered in picture editing/page design, photo communication for newspapers and magazines, photo illustration, interactive multimedia, and informational graphics.
  • Syracuse University
  • California State University, Fullerton - information on courses and more
  • The Art Institute of Atlanta have a new Fine Arts Degree...their web site is worth a look.

India Continent

  • South Asian Institute of Photography Education offered; Basic Course in Photography, Diploma In Photography, BA. (Photography) The three-year Graduation programme in Bachelor of Photography counts the Diploma as it's first year.



  • What to Photograph & Why ? These Workshops are designed for people who are looking for a subject they can call their own. For people who are looking for new & productive ways to approach and explore photography : of the real world, the universe of human imagination, or simply letting yourself discover what touches you, all this in the beautiful Aix-en-Provence area.
  • Nicéphore Niépce During the 2 forthcoming years, Maison Nicéphore Niépce will offer workshops in first photographic processes
  • S péos was founded in 1984 by Pierre-Yves Mahé to give photographers the technical skills and creative freedom for personal visual expression. The eight-month intensive program includes core courses in the darkroom, the computer lab, and the light studio to master tools and techniques in preparation for personal expression and interpretation in the fine art, photojournalism, criticism, and stylism courses.
  • Canada
  • Ryerson Polytechnic University - Canada's leading centre. offer a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Film Studies, Still Photography, The New Media. If you'd like to become a pioneer of image arts, we can prepare you for this creatively diverse and technologically challenging profession. As the only program of its kind, it offers a truly unique perspective.





Ways of learning about Photography

  • Black & White World ways of learning all about this interesting medium 
  • teaches photographers how to make better photos. The site features great tips to improve photographic technique, camera comparisons, photo contests, a useful Q&A, free email newsletters and workshops, and expert help with digital imaging.
  • History of Photography This is not designed to be a course on the history of photography such as a resource to dip into. In addition to pen-portraits of many of the most important photographers of the period, it contains information on some of the most significant processes used during the early days of photography.
  • Photo Seminars a interesting learning opportunity Free Seminars & Paid section is  $US35 PA
  • PROFESSIONAL PHOTO GUIDE  Web guide for professional photography: resources, galleries, museums, agencies, photographers, products, technique ...
  • Santa Fe Workshops
  • Rob Galbraith + Pixelcount - Pixelcount is a newsletter on digital photojournalism - articles include information on technique, issues, maintenance and new products are included in Acrobat format.
  • New York Institute of PhotographyFounded in 1910, with a current home-study enrollment of over 20,000 in 128 countries, NYI is the world's oldest and largest photography school. This site has one major objective - to help you take better pictures 
  • Monte Zucker a teaching site
  • Able Photography - Photography Answers and Sources!
  • Photography Schools
    Directory of international photography schools, colleges and art schools
  • Rob Galbraith + Pixelcount - Pixelcount is a newsletter on digital photojournalism - articles include information on technique, issues, maintenance and new products are included in Acrobat format.
  • Robert Farber's "3D"? workshop ON LINE!
  • Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar - information on photojournalist-friendly watering holes in the US, AP bureaus and stadium contact info.
  • Missouri Photo Workshop - This site is devoted to documentary photography, particularly ordinary people doing ordinary things. No computer alterations, no setup photographs, no illustrations, no Photoshop creations.
  • Pinhole photography mimics the techniques that were used for the very first cameras.


  • UCOL Palmerston North worth investigating contact via email


  • Latobe University - Australia

  • James Cook University in Townsville, Queensland , offer a three year Bachelor of Photography in which the approach is to enable students to achieve a high level of practical competence coupled with a good understanding of the theory of photography, while fostering the development of creative, artistic finesse. Graduates may also progress to Honours or Postgraduate studies in photography provided that they satisfy the entry requirements applicable to those areas.