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you are at : [ I would have said NO, do not give up your Law job to this lady.....]

I would have said NO, do not give up your Law job to this lady....

The Digital Camera Interview (this is the BEST digital camera magazine I have seen)
Travel Photographer Rosanne Pennella
From lawyer and occasional snapper to world-famous travel photographer in just over a decade... Geoff Harris finds out the secret of Rosanne Pennella's success

• Pennella first got into travel photography when on sabbatical in 1993 and traveling around Australia,
New Zealand and Indonesia. "I took 27 rolls of film with a point-­and-shoot camera."
• She got her first SLR (a Nikon N90s) in 1994; within a year, she'd decided to quit law and become a travel photographer.
• By 1998 she had her first exhibitions, and by 1999 went on her first assignment.
• Nikon featured her on the cover of Nikon World in spring 2002. Now she's one of the most celebrated travel shooters in the world.

Her website is at

If Rosanne had written to me (just as well she did not) I would have said "carry on being a Lawyer..." and would have been proven just so wrong...

Which just goes to show if you have the stuff to make it there is a chance you will

HOWEVER do consider "Just how many more (you fill this in) photographers does this Country/World need?

....and if I am going to push my way to the top "Who do I have to dislodge" or ......who do I have to be better than......

More reading on becoming a Professional Photographer

There are many Professional Photography Assn sites on the web, most offer advice on how people should enter the craft of photography, one very good site that I have found is "The Association of Photographers" AOP in England. Their advise is written based on the situation as it is at the moment in England, or possibly London, but never-the-less it is interesting reading for a person wishing to enter this craft, their web site is at AOP the headings of the items I suggest you read are

01 info sources
02 photography
03 the basics
04 assisting
05 college route
06 marketing
07 digital photography
08 editorial photography
09 location photography
10 hiring equipment
11 agent
12 set building
13 location finder

these are all PDF files amounting to 28 A4 pages of small type