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What about emigrating to another country

The first thing I would do in my research in the process of trying to move to a new country would be to visit that country with my portfolio of my work showing how versatile I was.

I would probably plan the visit to consider with one of their national of regional conventions so I would have a opportunity of seeing the type of photos that were on exhibit and I would have the additional opportunity of meeting with the photographers attending.

Before I left your countries shores I would have spent hours on the web looking at photographers web sites in the country of my choice, this way you would observe the quality of the photography in that country and determine if you can meet that quality and hopefully if you are planning to move there to better your lot your work would be better.

Do not get carried away by their prices and apply the rate of exchange and assume there is a lot of profit to be made it the country you are considering.

It is my experience that photographers in third world countries often make more in comparison to other "trades" than in the west. The other point is that in the West there is more affluence so more people own their own cameras and make do with photographs they take themselves.

If you see or meet someone who tells you their average is $10,000 per sitting there are two relevant other pieces of information you need before you should be impressed, one how many of these do they do every year, and two what is their overheads. Better still ask them to show you their balance sheet and see what they pay tax on. That is the final deciding factor.

Collect all of these names of the studios you find on the web, check out the photographers assn to see when the conferences and trade shows are, plan your itinerary and email all of the photographers on your list asking if you could visit with them for 30 minutes on such and such a day. DO NOT ask them if they have any jobs going or you may not even get thro the door. Tell them a bit about your self and the type of work you do and tell them you are visiting their country to learn more about your type of photography and how you liked what you say on their web site. Tell them you have booked in to attend their such & such convention and how you are looking forward to attending.

OK are there any lies there in that paragraph .if there are you are not ready to visit another country, YOU should always be looking for opportunities to learn more and that is what you have said is the reason you are visiting.

While you are there you will be able to see how easy you are understood if their language it is not your natural language and this is important as not only will your employer need to understand you but the clients you work with will need to work with you without the aid of a interpreter.

More Coming...when someone askes me the right question...