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This is a traveller's guide for some countries that are a little bit off the beaten track, they are my opinions of what I've found in these countries and are offered merely as a guide of what to perhaps expect


April 2012
Most of Eastern Europe you have to pay a road tax collected by varying methods and is always well signposted that you need to pay for a coupon or whatever to travel on these roads. No problem that is the price of travelling through the country.

In Poland they also collect a roads tax, but they don't tell the tourists about it, I believe this is a deliberate act of robbery and a means of collecting revenue.

So make sure you visit a BP fuel station to sort out your road tax obligations, it cost me €730 for this piece of information


April 2012

Roads not bad, police can stop you at any time with no reason.


April 2012

Main highways good secondary roads can be trying, please can stop you at any time with no reason.


April 2012

Roads shocking, new motorways being built, they claimed they will be finished in 2014, but I doubt it

Tourist visas can be registered at the police station, business visas need to be registered with the company that issued the invitation, and they could be 1000 to 2000 km away.

Border crossing can be lengthily.


20th April 2012

Diesel, none available in any fuel station that we could find, most claimed they had no diesel for the last 12 months.

I did find a person offering his services as a guide, claims he has helped many people get diesel, His name is SARVAR, his phone number is (99897) 707 9279 and his e-mail address is So if you are in Uzbekistan and you are looking for diesel this contact is certainly worth a try.

Border crossing is very lengthily with the Soviet thinking of the 1950s

You can register your visa only at hotels and from what we understand this has to be done every five days.