Choosing a photographer

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Hasselblad H Second hand, but good for years


  • Sailwind "Hand-Cast Glass' filters Last for sale in the world?

  • My Computer Links


  • Raw files or JPEG This is the big question that puzzles every one in amateur circles! ....and a lot of Pro's
  • Sermon From A Raw Convert, an article By Petteri Sulonen in 2003

Ivans Pages


Photographers.... all sort

Photo Education

  • Ways of learning around the World

  • The trials & tribulations that will be on your journey

The Business of Pro Photography

  • This is one of the first problems that a person has.....
  • written for partime photographers

  • This will give you a start to your Pro costing
  • Pro Photo Newsletters
    written in the 80's, but change the variables & they work today
  • And a different selling approach and technique is needed for each
  • You need a budget You’ll find breathing room. You’ll stop wasting time by timing paychecks with bills, and if you’re on a variable income, your budgeting “problem” will be eliminated.