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Travelling solo several writers comment on travelling solo to Morocco

Travelling in a group

What about my experiences with Desert Detours

Another Desert Detours review

Morocco travel diary 2011 and map by Ivan McLellan

Morocco travel Page Two diary 2011 by Ivan McLellan

Maps of Morocco a very wide selection available from this source

Maps of Morocco from Stanfords The London Map shop

Vicarious Books Camping Morocco guide:


Print this out to take with you, show it to the police at their road blocks and they will direct you to a camping spot in town if there is one.


Morocco links on MagBaz Travel web site

Dr Bob & Sandra in Morocco

Dr Bob's Moroccan Prescription

Guides to Morocco

Ferries to and from Morocco

The Guscotts in Morocco 2006

Morocco: A Journey by Motorhome

1999 May (Morocco, Spain)

1999 April (Morocco)

1999 March (Spain, Morocco)

IVANS Morocco book

Motorhome thro Morocco 2011
A NEW book with 144 pages and 492 photos