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My Personal Comments

  • A dream shattered
    a story I wrote, "for the reader" after trying my hand at 5th wheeling then camper, its a giggle!
  • Caravan No 2
    In April 2002 I set off on a round the world trip. All was fine until I reached UK and after staying in hotels, when I could find them, I realized I would be probably bankrupt before the end of the trip!
  • Caravans Vi the Fifth Wheels
    Comparing Caravans Vie Fifth Wheels
  • Hymer 694 could be better
    Almost perfect.... well what was wrong with it.... yes be picky... well the frig was too small for every day use.
  • More on
    Choosing a method of travel
  • German 4WD
    motorhome suitable for silk road


  • How long can I run appliances on my inverter?



  • New & Secondhand German Motorhomes
    I wrote to all of these people and got about 5 replys out of about 150 sent... Yes I wanted to buy a new Motorhome or near new.... Business MUST be good in Germany!!!
  • Hoekies  Here you can download the “Camper place” for TOMs coordinates by country or for complete Europe but also the traffic-jam `s with all active FON (Fonera) members of Europe and many hypermarkets in translate
  • European guide to motorhome sanitations and many other things
  • Campsites in Europe  registration of 23,000 campsites is totally free of charge and without commitment.
  • Insurance for motorhomes you bring to Europe try Maria Alessie, Assurantiekantoor Alessie, Eliotplaats 174, 3068 VL Rotterdam. The Netherlands, Ph +31 104555946, Fax +31 104555948, Email:

My Personal Comments

  • RV's I have owned & Hired
    and I am still learning
  • The Begining..
    My thought of past experiences of Rv'ing
  • Thoughts on a Caravan
    New revised thoughts on a Caravan
  • Why I Choose a fifth wheel....
    Why I Choose a fifth wheel....The fifth wheel travel trailer extends over the truck bed to allow approximately 20 percent of its gross weight to be spread over the entire suspension of the towing vehicle. Commercial truckers use the fifth wheel hitch configuration to carry heavy loads because of its forgiving nature.
  • Yes we tried a Car & Caravan
    My first thought was to travel to UK and buy a Car and Caravan and at least we would have transportation when we reached our temporary destination.